๐Ÿ“ฒ Zesture Quick Tour

After registering your free trial, you will be able to see a screen like this -

Zesture Welcome Screens

1. Notifications Permission

On the top right, you should see a dialog that says "Zesture" Notifications. Whenever you change apps or perform a certain hand gesture, Zesture sends you notifications to let you know what app it is controlling or what action it is currently performing.

Zesture Welcome Screens

It is highly recommended that you click the "Allow" button.

2. Zesture Tutorial

You should also see a dialog that looks like this:

Zesture Welcome Screens

This is the Zesture in-app tutorial. It gives you a brief overview of the main elements of the app and how it works, so you can get started quickly. It is recommended that you follow along the tutorial to understand the basic functionality of the app.

You can click the Next button to quicly go through the tutorial slides. On the last slide, you should see a Start the App button. Click that to see the main app window.

(If you do not wish to go through the tutorial, please click the cross button on the top left corner.)

3. Zesture Main Window and Menu Bar

There are 2 ways to configure Zesture:

3.1 Zesture Main Window

Zesture App Main Window

3.2 Zesture Menu Bar

Zesture App Menu Bar